Charter 2019

Make democracy more democratic

The Peoples Charter 2019

The Peoples Charter 2019 lists 6 demands for democratic reform

These are based on 3 themes to bring about fairer representation and greater consultation to give ordinary people more of a say in how we are governed.

  1. Political Reform
  2. Anti Corruption
  3. Citizen Engagement

1. Political Reform

Proportional Representation

First Past The Post voting leads to “winner takes all” governments. This is undemocratic and no longer meets the public’s expectation for fairness in representation.

Elected Second Chamber

Hereditary and appointed peers in in an unelected House of Lords is not how we’d design a democratic system now and we need to bring our democratic institutions into the 21st century.

2. Anti Corruption

Make Whipping Illegal

End the bribery, bullying and blackmailing of our representatives by party whips. Make all votes in parliament a free vote by secret ballot.

Transparent funding

All money spent on funding political parties, campaigns and targeted advertising on social media must be within agreed limits and the source and amount spent must be declared alongside the message. Failure to do so will be considered as an act of Perverting The Course of Democracy.

3. Citizen Engagement

Citizens Assemblies

Voting for a representative once every few years is only the beginning of an engagement with the public. We need more say on the issues and not just a vote for a party manifesto. No representation without consultation!

Participatory Budgeting

Responsible government should consider the long term economic health of the nation and should not be geared to the election cycle to buy votes from special interest groups. Citizens should have greater say in how we are taxed and how that money is spent.

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