Charter 2019

Make democracy more democratic

1. Proportional Representation

DISPROPORTIONAL representation brings politics into disrepute.

A system that delivers over 50 times the number of seats for one party that got less than half the number of votes for another cannot be defended.*

In First Past The Post Voting, votes are wasted in safe seats. Many voters know there is no point in voting, so they become disillusioned and disengage with politics.

That’s not healthy for democracy.

Every vote must count in a simple, fair and proportional voting system.

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* In the 2015 UK general election the SNP won 56 seats with 1.5m votes. UKIP however won just one seat with over twice as many votes – 3.8m. No wonder many feel political engagement is pointless.

Whether you’re inclined to vote UKIP or not, it’s clear that a system that delivers this kind of result is badly flawed. Other parties are similarly under-represented in a disproportionate system.

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