The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.
The Economist – Regulating The Internet Giants

Our personal data is being mined and sold for far more than selling us toothpaste and soap powder. It’s being used to further enrich and empower those who already have an excess of wealth and political power.

The release of Netflix’s The Great Hack documentary – which explores the fallout of the Facebook-Cambrdige Analytica scandal – has thrust the issue of data misuse back into the spotlight.

With increasing scrutiny over Facebook’s role in democracy, the tech giant has made efforts to be more transparent about showing people how political parties and groups are spending within its walls.

From The DrumConservatives mount Brexit ad blitz on Facebook

It’s not up to Facebook and their advertisers to self-regulate.

Self regulation never works as we might hope.

We need independent regulation and rigorous enforcement to ensure those with the power, the money and the motive do not Pervert The Course of our Democracy.