Above screenshot and extracts below from The Observer 1st September 2019:

Senior politicians, a former cabinet secretary and an ex-head of the home civil service have called for a top-level inquiry into how Boris Johnson’s closest aide, Dominic Cummings, was able to sack an adviser to Sajid Javid, the chancellor of the exchequer, without Javid’s knowledge and then order an armed police officer to escort her out of Downing Street in front of staff.

“Getting one of the armed police to escort an adviser out of Downing Street is deeply offensive and is part of Cummings’s mantle of fear” Lord Turnbull

“The police should be asking questions of Cummings, asking questions of the prime minister around an abuse of process.”

BBC News 1st September, 2019:

“Conservative MPs are warned of severe consequences if they fail to vote with the government this week, including being barred as party candidates”

Note: Quiet Audio – turn up

BBC Radio 4 Today, 2nd September 2019

Downing Street has delivered a stark warning to Conservative MPs ahead of a momentous week at Westminster, threatening them with suspension and deselection if they fail to back the government in a major vote on Brexit.

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Surely the point of a parliament is that MPs use their minds, use their judgement, use their conscience to decide what is right for the country and they shouldn’t be threatened by losing their career if they vote some way you don’t like?

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