The problem with Westminster, is that it makes a fraud out of people.

You’re often put into a position where publicly, you’re being asked to say things that you don’t fully agree with.

The whip system is quite intimidating for a new MP.

I think the whip system should be fundamentally reformed. If they can’t persuade people independently to back government policies, well probably they shouldn’t be happening.

I can think of a number of policies in our time that were driven through by the whips and looking back they shouldn’t have happened.

I think the whip system becomes corrosive of trust.

If governments can’t persuade a majority of people on all sides in the House of Commons on what they’re doing, well maybe there’s a good reason for that, they shouldn’t be doing it.

The whip system is not a good basis for democracy in the 21st century I think it’s had its day.

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