Quotes and paraphrased extracts from BBC Radio 4 Today interview with Lord Rickets

We are floating on a sea of Russian money, the UK is in hock to a mafia state.

The Parliamentary Intelligence Committee Report is damning. The government has failed to look for Russian efforts to damage our democracy. We’ve lapped up Russian money and have turned a blind eye to what it buys.

On the outcome of Brexit Referendum, we simply don’t know whether whether it was influenced by the Russian state hacking our democracy with a disinformation campaign, because no assessment has been made. 

Nobody in the government was interested in the legitimacy of the result, only in getting on with the implementation.

We’ve taken our eye off the ball with regards to hostile state activity by overly prioritising Counter Terrorism.

it’s no secret that wealthy Russion oligarchs have been using their money to buy influence and reputation in London. We need to use the powers we already have to be alert and to investigate where that influence is corupting our society and democracy.

We need more transparency on members of the House of Lords who do not need to declare their financial interests in the same was as MPs. We need to shine a light on Russian money and any money from overseas buying influence over our democratic processes.

The ISC report is a wake up call to simplify lines of accountability. This is not just a matter for “thinks tanks and wonks and people interested in these things, it actually does have a real impact on us all”

BBC Radio 4 Today 22/07/2020 @1h 49m 45s