“Boris Johnson puts his own brother and billionaire donor in House of Lords for life”

“The 36 peerages quietly slipped out today – which also include a former City Hall aide and Brexiteer cricketer Ian Botham – were today branded a ‘mockery of democracy'”

The Daily Mirror, 31/07/2020

“The UK should be ashamed of a system that allows people to help shape laws because they’re rich or the pal of a party leader.”

The Daily Mirror quoted on BBC Radio 4 Today 01/08/2020

… Lebedev’s recommendation to the House of Lords comes just over a week after the publication of the Russia report, which warned of attempts to build Russian influence across the British establishment, and raised concerns about peers’ links to Russia. If Boris was hoping to dispel rumours that he was under the shadowy influence of Russian oligarchs, Lebdev’s appointment probably wasn’t the wisest pick…

The Spectator 31/07/2020