Charter 2019

Make democracy more democratic

4. Transparent Funding

Data, not oil is now the most valuable asset on earth. It is sold and exploited to manipulate our spending and voting behaviour. All those “free” internet services we sign up to, agreeing to terms and conditions we never read, are making a few people very rich and very powerful. This has the potential to lock out the ordinary person from the political process and to secure the gains of the tech giants and the political manipulators for ever.

Strict spending limits on political campaigns need to be set now. They need to be enforced rigorously and made transparent on every political ad before it’s too late.

Regulators need the teeth to impose realistic fines and prison sentences for those who Pervert The Course of Our Democracy.

Fines such as those imposed on and Arron Banks firm Eldon Insurance are no deterrent at all. Sky News Feb 2019

“Nobody should be allowed to advertise on social media during election campaigns unless strongly authenticated – with passports, certificates of company registration, declarations of ultimate beneficial ownership. The source and application of funds needs to be clear and easily visible. All ads should be recorded – as should the search terms used to target people. And there’s no reason why you couldn’t pass these laws, and give the fines real teeth.” The New Statesman

Increase the fines for breaking electoral law – 38 Degrees petition

The Great Hack

Netflix documentary

Brexit: The Uncivil War

There is a new politics in town – one that you can’t control – Hacking The System – Altering The Matrix of Politics Channel 4 On Demand Film

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